Richard Tarnas – Mind & Supermind – Spring 2017

Richard Tarnas – Mind & Supermind – Spring 2017

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Join depth psychologist, Richard Tarnas, as he draws on philosophy, religion, and cultural history to seek a larger context for both understanding and action. Our civilization, indeed the Earth community itself, seems to be on the threshold of a fundamental transformation. This impending transmutation bears a striking resemblance to what takes place on the individual level in initiatory rites of passage, near-death experiences, spiritual crises, and critical stages of what C. G. Jung called the individuation process. Can we find a place of equilibrium, an eye in the storm, from which we can engage this time of intense polarization and radical change? What is the role of those ‘heroic’ communities which carry principles and perspectives that transcend the mainstream modern world view?


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January 11, 2017