Qi Gong

Chao-Sun Pang Chao has always had a natural affinity toward the Eastern meditative practice, both due to his birth origin and love of martial arts. He has studied learning patterns from Eastern and Western traditions for over 40 years. He is fluent in Chinese and has traveled extensively to learn directly from many of the masters and absorb transmissions from reading ancient texts. Now, he enjoys sharing his understanding and knowledge through experiential teaching of Taoist energetic, Tai Ji and its philosophies with fellow practitioners.

Words to live by: “Be kind to your body and trust your own body sensations to guide you.”

What you will learn:

  • Get a clear understanding of the interconnection between mind-body-spirit
  • Learning practical exercises to calm and center yourself to reduce stress
  • Learn grounding techniques to help with your balance
  • Learn a Tai Ji rou