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Thanksgiving Made Easy
Arts & Crafts Fair
ESL Student’s Inspiring Story
Senior Expo
California Dreamin’
Hollywood’s in the News Again
The Amazing Thyroid
New Student Painting in Schott Main Office
YMCA Isla Vista
Career Skills Institute
Tuition Assistance Applications
Important Dates


Thanksgiving Made Easy

Thanksgiving’s just around the corner! Take the stress out of a Thanksgiving meal by mastering classic side dishes that are sure to please. This step-by-step hands on experience will give you the recipes and confidence to really impress friends and family.

Wednesday, November 15
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Arts & Crafts Fair

Celebrate the beautiful works of art made by our students and teachers at the School of Extended Learning Arts & Crafts Fair on December 2nd at the Wake Campus from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Looking for a special gift? Look no further!


ESL Student’s Inspiring Story

Quenick Barreto Miranda started his educational journey in the USA at SBCC’s Wake Campus in 2013. After completing the first two levels of Noncredit ESL, Quenick transferred to Credit ESL. Four years later he is on the road to success! Quenick is currently enrolled in ESL reading 5, basic math and Karate. He is pursuing his dream of starting his own business. Quenick is now debating whether to study automotive technology or construction technology and he hopes his story will inspire many students to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

School of Extended Learning at Senior Expo

SBCC’s School of Extended Learning enjoyed handing out brochures, fliers, and information at the recent Santa Barbara Senior Expo. Visiting community members were delighted to learn that so many classes
are now offered as tuition-free.

This Fall 2017 we introduced 120 additional tuition-free classes. In Spring 2018 we will offer 80 more
tuition-free classes.

By Fall 2019 we will have a total of 300 tuition-free classes that weren’t offered last year!

Our booth at the Santa Barbara Senior Expo coincided with a great article in the recent “Successful Aging” newsletter about the School of Extended Learning.


California Dreamin’

Love living here? You must – or you wouldn’t be reading this! But face it, not everyone grew up in California. This unique state has a secret history, social assumptions and off the beaten path experiences that are not apparent to a newcomer. Get a first-hand view of this marvelous state. You will feel like you have been here your whole life when you register for:

 What a California Native Knows that You Need to Know
3 Tuesdays, beginning November 14
3:30 – 5 p.m.

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Hollywood’s In the News Again

Yes – Hollywood’s been in the news a lot recently!  Discover the deliberate strategy of the Hollywood studios to insure their influence and shared power in our government. Learning the history and far reaching influence will change your perspective of local, state and national politics.

Hollywood’s Overarching Influence on the Body Politic
Wednesday, Novmber 15
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

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The Amazing Thyroid 

Did you know that your thyroid regulates your heart function, energy level, weight, and even your brain development? Even though an adult’s thyroid is small in both size and weight, the role that it plays in your body is huge. Factors such as stress and diet can disrupt thyroid function. Together with physician, Jim Kwako, discover how you can optimize thyroid function to feel your best.

The Amazing Thyroid
Saturday, Novmber 11
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

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New Student Painting in Schott Main Office

We recently received, out of the blue, a very generous legacy from a former student Rachel Hartman. Rachel left Santa Barbara in 2005, but her daughter, Karen, wanted to send us the last painting that her mom painted in Santa Barbara.

My mom always loved art, and enjoyed charcoal as a medium when she was younger.  I believe the art classes at SBCC saved her life.  She always wanted to learn how to paint with watercolors and so she studied that medium, primarily.  Her favorite teacher was Rose Margaret Braiden.  They became good friends.  My mother showed and sold her art at the SB Mission during art shows.  Her paintings also hung in the Montecito library for quite some time.  She was also commissioned by people in the community.  Towards the end of her time at SBCC she learned how to paint icons with egg tempera.  This too I believe she learned from Rose Margaret.

Here is the painting that now hangs in the Schott Campus main office. We hope you will enjoy looking at it when you visit the Schott campus! Thank you, Rachel!

Noncredit ESL program’s New Partner: St. George Youth Center (YMCA Isla Vista)

Thanks to the YMCA St. George Youth Center, the adult ESL students in Isla Vista now have access to computers.

“My kids do homework on the computer and I want to help,” one of the students at Isla Vista School / St. George Youth Center said. “Now I can learn with the kids. I appreciate this opportunity.”

The students are learning English with multimedia which allows learning to be individualized and student-centered. They are learning to read, write and communicate online. We work for and with the community!


Career Skills Institute  – Shifting Trends in Training Delivery

Ten years ago, the majority of organizations had their own, in-house training staff. Currently, nearly 50% of companies outsource some or all of their training. In 10 years from now, training experts predict that most trainers will work for an outsourcing company, rather than for one, specific organization (Noe, 2013*). In addition, using web-based tutorials to complement trainings is becoming the norm.

In 2015, SBCC capitalized on this trend by launching the Career Skills Institute (CSI). Classes are offered ​tuition-free to enhance employability ​skills in business, design, and technology. By partnering with online video tutorial company,, SBCC uniquely ​delivers comprehensive and meaningful training using a flipped classroom concept and digital badging meant for those ​looking to improve skills for job attainment, or job advancement.

Recently SBCC was even featured as a leader in providing outsource​d​ career training skills.

CSI offers classes that meet your needs and schedule.
Click here to learn more about the CSI:

*Noe, R. A. (2013). Employee training and development. New York: McGraw-Hill.


Tuition Assistance Applications for Spring Semester 2018

Tuition Assistance Applications are available for Spring 2018 from:
October 10 – November 10

The tuition assistance awards are $125 per student for fee-based
School of Extended Learning classes.

 Paper applications are available at the Schott and Wake Campuses,
or you can apply online at


  Important Dates

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Spring 2018 Tuition Assistance Applications
Oct. 10 – Nov. 10

Veterans Day
Nov. 10

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Nov. 23 – Nov. 25

School of Extended Learning Arts & Crafts Fair
Dec. 2

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Dec. 9

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