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Late Start for Spring Semester 8-Week Tuition-Free Classes

Our Spring Semester 2018, 8-week, tuition-free classes will be starting one week later due to the recent debris flow disaster. Classes originally scheduled to start during the week of March 12 – 17 will now start during the week of March 19 – 24.

Thank you for your flexibility and patience. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions: [email protected]

March at the SBCC School of Extended Learning


Because St. Patrick’s Day is the most well-known holiday in March, we usually associate this month with luck or fortune. But a lesser-known March holiday is World Water Day, promulgated by a recommendation at the United Nations conference in 1992. March 22 is declared a day to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. It presents an opportunity to learn more about the water issues around the world and to understand the challenges. Here are just a few of the complex problems related to water:

  • 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services. (WHO/UNICEF 2017)
  • 4.5 billion people lack safely managed sanitation services. (WHO/UNICEF 2017)
  • 340,000 children under five die every year from diarrhoeal diseases. (WHO/UNICEF 2015)
  • Water scarcity already affects four out of every 10 people. (WHO)
  • 90% of all natural disasters are water-related. (UNISDR)
  • 80% of wastewater flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused (UNESCO, 2017).
  • Around two-thirds of the world’s transboundary rivers do not have a cooperative management framework. (SIWI)
  • Agriculture accounts for 70% of global water withdrawal. (FAO)
  • Roughly 75% of all industrial water withdrawals are used for energy production. (UNESCO, 2014)

As we continue to build meaningful noncredit programs and look to develop pathways to our credit campus partners, we are validating the need for programs in volunteerism, nonprofit management, and classes addressing relevant environmental issues. Our credit Environmental Studies program is an interdisciplinary program designed to develop an understanding of earth processes and how they affect (or are affected by) the human population. Noncredit programs that support our credit partners and our community partners can not only help bridge students to this credit program but lead students toward a deeper understanding of environmental matters essential in today’s world, like water and the serious world issues it presents.

I welcome your ideas and hope you connect with me at our next community meeting on March 13.

-Dr. Melissa V. Moreno
Interim Vice President, School of Extended Learning


In this issue:

  • Community Information Meeting 
  • Mind and Supermind 
  • Ancient Chinese Medicine in Modern Times 
  • Nature and Self-Healing + “Mindful Walking”
  • Medical Assistants 
  • Noncredit ESL 
  • Hungry Yet? 
  • The Commonality of Music 
  • Trash and Recycling as a Work of Art
  • Important Dates

Community Information Meeting 

You are invited to attend our SBCC School of Extended Learning Community Information Meeting. It will take place Tuesday, March 13, from 6 – 7 p.m. at Schott Auditorium, 310 W. Padre Street in Santa Barbara. We hope to see you there!


Mind and Supermind: How Selfless Service Can Transform You and the World

Prisoners in America are re-arrested at a rate of 67 percent and re-incarcerated at 52 percent. As founders of The Freedom to Choose Project, husband-and-wife team David Paul, M.D., Ph.D. and Bonnie Paul, Ph.D. have worked with thousands of inmates and large volunteer teams in medium-to-maximum security prisons

On April 2nd, Drs. David and Bonnie Paul will share what they have learned about selfless, loving service through their work over the past 13 years. This experiential evening begins with a video showing the power of this transformation in prisons. Through practical exercises, you will learn how foundational selfless service skills have the potential to transform both your life and the world around you. Learn to incorporate these skills in your personal and work life, and discover your inner passion for selfless service.

Register now for a very stimulating and inspiring evening!

Mind and Supermind:
How Selfless Service Can Transform You and the World
Monday, April 2
7:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Register Now

Ancient Chinese Medicine in Modern Times

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been evolving over literally thousands of years. The Recipes for Fifty-Two Ailments was written by Chinese doctors around 186 BC.

Ancient Chinese Medicine in Modern Times is taught by the former director of Santa Barbara’s School of Oriental Medicine Dr. Bernard Unterman. His course explores the ancient Chinese understanding of health conditions and applies this perspective to modern, frequently experienced health issues. Topics include successfully treating menopause, weight gain and fertility issues, the science of acupuncture, and enhancing the immune system. Come to Wake or Schott Campus to register at the main office, or register below.

Ancient Chinese Medicine in Modern Times
8 Mondays, beginning March 19
7 – 8:05 p.

Apply & Register

Nature and Self Healing + “Mindful Walking”

The Chopra Center lists nine reasons to try “Mindful Walking.”
Read them in full here.

1. Connects You More Deeply With the Environment
2. Gets You Out of Your Head
3. Allows You to Commune With Nature
4. Helps You Get to Know Your Body
5. Slows You Down
6. Strengthens Concentration
7. Increases Your Awareness of Intention
8. Expands Everyday Mindfulness
9. Helps You Connect to the Present Moment
In the tuition-free “Nature and Self-Healing for Older Adults” series, students learn how to incorporate nature as a harmonizing influence and partner in the self-healing process. Techniques taught include meditation, being open to change, diaphragmatic breathing, being “present”, stretching techniques, and taking risks. Come to Wake or Schott Campus to register at the main office, or register below.
This course has two levels of 8-week sessions:
Nature and Self-Healing for Older Adults (Beginner Level)
8 Wednesdays, beginning March 21
9 – 11:45 a.m.
Nature and Self-Healing for Older Adults (Intermediate Level)
8 Tuesdays, beginning March 20
9 – 11:45 a.m.

Medical Assistant Information Session

When you add up all the doctors’ offices and clinics in the country you realize just how many medical assistants we have in the United States. At last count, the total was over 623,560!

Always been interested in the medical field, but not sure where to start? Discover the important role that a Medical Assistant plays in delivering high quality, health care. To explore a Medical Assistant’s wide-range of responsibilities and to see if this profession is a fit for you, join us for our Medical Assistant Information Session. This session only happens once a year, so don’t wait to register!

Learn More

New in Spring 2018 Noncredit ESL

English to Get a Job
M-Th, 5-7 p.m.

English to Succeed at a Job
M-Th, 5-7 p.m.

Bilingual Literacy

T/Th, 12-2 pm
*Register at La Casa de la Raza,  601 E Montecito St, Santa Barbara

Political and Cultural History of the U.S.

Intermediate ESL students learn the political and cultural history of the United States and its government. Topics include the history of the native people and the settlers, the political history of the founders of the United States and how the government was formed, and a review of the current political process as it functions in the United States.

8 Fridays, beginning March 22
5:30  – 8:35 p.m.

Hungry Yet?

Grazers alert! If nothing makes you happier than to sit down in front of an array of savory goodies and snack the evening away, then look here. Every country has these one-bite items either—hors d’oeuvres, meze, tapas, antipasto—that are most often presented on a stationary display or passed and served separate from, prior to, or in place of an entree. There’s something innately conversational when people gather around the table with friends to share a bottle of wine and some tasty nibbles, and nothing exhibits this more than a noshing on these little bites. Sound like fun? Come to Wake or Schott Campus to register at the main office, or register below.

The World of Small Bites
2 Wednesdays, beginning March 14
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Register Now

The Commonality of Music

Human bodies are naturally inclined to move to music; there’s just something about melodic sounds that enters our souls and brains as much as our bodies and causes us to want to sway and dance. It’s why music is used for exercise classes, but have you noticed that so much of the music that is used is pretty much the same? Is it possible that “foreign” music—music from other countries, music from other times—will be just as invigorating and exhilarating? Is it possible that we can get our preferred great workout while enjoying introductions to music new to our ears? You know the answer is yes! Come to Wake or Schott Campus to register at the main office, or register below.

World Dance Workout 
6 Fridays, beginning March 23
8:30 – 9:40 a.m.

Register Now

Trash and Recycling as a Work of Art

Your recycling bin and maybe even your trash can be works of art. Sort of. At least they can contain parts for a new work of art when you begin to consider how paper, cardboard, metal, glass, ribbons, aluminum foil, newspaper, leather, fabric and much more can be used when creating collages and mixed media artwork. If you’ve never thought about these throwaway items as possibilities, then you will want to join this class and expand your world (while emptying your bins). Come to Wake or Schott Campus to register at the main office, or register below.

Collage and Mixed Media Construction
5 Mondays, beginning April 2
1 – 4 p.m.

Register Now

Important Dates for Spring 2018

Please note that tuition-free classes started one week later than originally scheduled and that the semester therefore ends on May 19.

For tuition-free classes, please check the online schedule for updated class dates at classes.sbcc.edu.

March 13
Community Information Meeting

March 26 – 31
Spring Break

March 19
Second 8-Week Session Begins for Tuition-Free Classes

April 2
Mind & Supermind

April 20
Registration opens for Summer Sessions

May 19
Spring 2018 Semester Ends

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