Troubleshooting Tips for Online Registration

OS and Browser Issues

Using Email as Username for Login

Windows 8 OS users

For users of the new WINDOWS 8 operating system, please be aware there are two versions of the Internet Explorer web browser on your device – Metro and Desktop. To use our registration site, you must use the Desktop version of Internet Explorer, and not the Metro version. To start the Desktop version, click on or touch the Desktop tile on the Start screen. Then you will see the Internet Explorer icon in the task bar. This is the Desktop version which should be used for registration. If you are in Internet Explorer and the URL address is at the bottom of the screen, you are in the Metro version. You should close it and open the desktop version following the instructions above.

Internet Explorer users

If you are using Internet Explorer version 8 or above (version 9, 10 or version 11) as your web browser, you need to make sure that you are viewing this site in “compatibility view.” To check, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the Explorer menu bar above, select “Tools”
  2. From the drop down menu you should see a check mark next to “Compatibility View.” If you do not see a check mark, follow step #3 below.
  3. Click “Compatibility View” and your browser will refresh the website display as if you are using an earlier version of Internet Explorer.
  4. Click “Compatibility View Settings” then click on Add to add the website to the list and click on Close.

If you still have problems, please come to the Schott Campus or the Wake Campus and staff can assist you. You will find maps and other contact information on the linked contact page.

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