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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register?

There are three easy ways to register:

  1. Register Online
  2. Register In Person: You can register in person at the Schott Campus or Wake Campus during regular business hours.
  3. Register By Mail: Fill out the registration form in the print schedule, include personal check.

If you need assistance contact us .

How do I transfer classes or cancel a class?

Transfers and cancellations can be made online or in person at the Schott Campus or Wake Campus. To request a refund, students must complete a Refund & Transfer Form. Instructions are here: Refund & Transfer Policies.

Where are the classes held?

Most classes are offered at the SBCC Wake Campus and SBCC Schott Campus. However, some classes are offered at a variety of community facilities. The schedule of classes will inform you where your class will be held.

Schott Campus
310 West Padre St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 687-0812

Wake Campus
300 N. Turnpike Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
(805) 964-6853

Complete Contact Information

How can I pay for registration?

SBCC School of Extended Learning accepts checks, cash and major credit cards. Online registration requires a credit or debit card. Mail-in registration requires a check. You can pay with either a check, cash or a credit/debit card if you register in person at the Schott or Wake Campus.

What are materials and lab fees?

Materials fees include items used in class or taken home (e.g. handouts, food for cooking, clay for ceramics).

Lab fees include specialized classroom supplies, utilities, and personnel costs, and may include off-campus classroom rental fees.

Is tuition assistance available?

Yes. You can apply online or in person for needs-based tuition assistance. Tuition assistance is granted on the basis of need and availability. See the Tuition Assistance page.

How can I find out more about Extended Learning teachers?

When viewing a class description on our online registration system, click on the teacher’s name for a short bio. You can also get to know our teachers and classes through our award-winning video series (under construction, coming back soon; for now see http://sbcc.edu/extendedlearning/video.php).

How can I become a teacher?

New professional experts in all fields are always welcome. We encourage you to apply to join our renowned School of Extended Learning faculty, and/or to suggest new topics and classes. Go to our Teach page for more information.

Is the School of Extended Learning part of SBCC?

Yes. The School of Extended Learning is an educational program of the college.

What is the SBCC Policy on smoking and tobacco use on campus?

Santa Barbara City College is a tobacco-free, smoke-free campus. The tobacco-free, smoke-free policy applies to all SBCC campuses, including Wake and Schott.

How can I use my eGift card?

We are no longer offering gift cards.

However, if you still have an eGift card – don’t worry! It’s easy to redeem it with the eGift redemption code sent to you by email or letter.

For detailed instructions about Redeeming eGift Cards, please click here.

If you need help, please call (805) 683-8200.

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