February at the SBCC School of Extended Learning

A Little Love Note
Dr. Melissa V. Moreno, Interim Vice President

We decided the theme of our work at Extended Learning ought to be focused this month on compassion and love for one another, during a time when we are all impacted either personally or peripherally, by our community’s loss during the flood and mudslide. Conversations around us and between us have been about how we need to be more thankful for what we have: our lives intact, our health, our parents, our grandchildren, our significant others, our children, our siblings, our work, our shelter, our friends, and our community. One of our astute and compassionate instructors said, “We all need to be kind to one another, now more than ever.” As we begin to rise up from the ash and this unimaginable tragedy, there is hope that we shift to lightness. I looked through our Class Schedule to see what might help us to heal and found so many insightful topics. For example, “Missions of the Soul” which will help us be more purpose driven, rather than to let random events determine the direction of our lives. Or “A Love Letter to the Future” that will help us address grieving and comfort of loved ones. And I am looking forward to our Mind & Supermind on April 2, to remind us of the benefits of selfless service to others.

I sometimes prefer to get lost in art, or music, or poetry. Let’s heal together at Extended Learning, with a little extra love, and with this special poem, written for me personally, by Jacqueline Suskin, that I hope speaks to all of you:


From Dark to Light

Step freely through all efforts of change.
Let shade fall away so that what makes joy spread can become fully illuminated.
Rise above sum of surface, the weight gone and the light
made to return as breath does,
Cyclical, reliable, a revival of self seen in the act of letting go.

Shedding the unnecessary and so recreating the path to joy,
The place where purpose is reborn and all possibility expresses its infinite nature,
In a flash so bright, too bright to be ignored.

In this issue:
  • Dog Behavior
  • Arm Knitting
  • Investing in Yourself
  • A Family that Plays Together, Stays Together
  • How to Understand and Control Cravings
  • Noncredit ESL: 100 Years and Counting…
  • Tuition Assistance Applications
  • Important Dates


Arm Knitting: Busy Hands Are Happy Hands

Why on earth has arm knitting become so amazingly popular in the past five years or so? Is it just a fad? A craze? By learning the basic technique and practicing under the guidance of an expert you will find this fast and fun method of knitting perfectly suited for those needing instant gratification!

Arm Knitting: Busy Hands Are Happy Hands

4 Tuesdays, beginning February 27
6 – 8 p.m.

How to Understand and Control Cravings

Don’t forget to love yourself in the midst of all the chaos going on in the world! Stress can result in compulsive behaviors such as drinking, overeating, drugs, sex, exercising, compulsive spending, overworking, computer addiction … or something else.

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT therapist, teacher, and author, Gloria Arenson is recognized as one of the leading authorities in the field of energy field psychology. Discover with Gloria how the application of Energy Psychology techniques and the Four Level Plan can help you eliminate binges, resolve painful problems and manage stress immediately in the following class:

When Too Much is Not Enough: How to Understand and Control Cravings

Saturday, February 24
9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Noncredit ESL: 100 Years and counting…

Meet Angelina Valenzuela. She is a Noncredit ESL instructor at the School of Extended Learning. Angelina has been helping adult immigrants in this community since 2004 and “enjoys the satisfaction that comes with watching [her students]… achieve their dreams.”

Maria de los Angeled Garcia and her husband

Going back 90 years, in 1928 her grandmother, Maria de los Angeles Garcia, who Angelina was named after, immigrated to Carpinteria from the rural town of La Barca, Jalisco, Mexico in search of more opportunities for a better life. Although she only had a third grade education, Maria really loved school. In 1955, she enrolled in the adult ESL citizenship class at Santa Barbara High School (SBHS), the class we still offer at the same location (Mon-Thu 6:30-9:40 pm at SBHS & also at the Schott Campus on Fri 5:30-8 pm). She became a citizen in 1956 and had a fulfilling life in Santa Barbara. Her legacy lives on with her family, and her granddaughter is helping a new generation of immigrants in this community.

Maria’s citizenship study guide from 1953

We are proud to celebrate the 100th year of the SBCC Extended Learning programs (formally know as adult education or noncredit) allowing Angelina and all the other wonderful instructors and staff to provide quality and needed education to adults in our community.

Dog Behavior

Most of enjoy watching funny animal videos, especially the ones that remind us of the animals we ourselves have owned and loved. So here’s one of our favorite compilations of funny dog videos

As those of you that have owned a dog know, there is more to dog ownership – and loving a dog – than a walk around the block and belly rubs. Find out what motivates your canine companion and how to positively reinforce the behaviors you want while limiting and preventing inappropriate habits.

Dog Behavior: Modifying Dog Behavior

4 Mondays, beginning February 26
6 – 7:15 p.m.

Invest in Yourself

A good way to show love in the workplace, and with friends and family, is to first invest in yourself. Addressing your needs allows you to be more present during conversations and a better co-worker and friend.

As many of us spend a great deal of time working, you may be wondering how to become a stronger communicator or team player, or curious to explore new design and technology skills. Invest in yourself through high-quality classes at SBCC School of Extended Learning Career Skills Institute, enroute to becoming the best version of your professional and personal self.

A Family that Plays Together, Stays Together


You may know and love this title as the 1968 album by the rock band Spirit!


Alternatively you may know it as a maxim that has worked well for many families. Prioritizing play encourages more effective and loving family dynamics, communication, and response to challenges.



Aware Parenting founder Aletha Solter is the author of five books for parents and is recognized internationally as an expert on attachment, trauma, and non-punitive discipline. In her class you will discover how Aletha’s unique activities can dissolve conflicts and transform your relationship with your child.

Happier Children, Happier Parents
with Attachment Play 

Saturday, February 10
9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Engaging in interactive activities is also effective with pre-teens and teenagers. Discover some proven techniques and tools to help you generate better communication at home with your pre-teens and teens in:

Connecting with Your Teenager

Saturday, March 17
9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Tuition Assistance Applications for Summer Term 2018

Interested in taking summer classes? Many classes will be tuition-free, but we will still have some great value fee-based Life Enhancement classes in Ceramics, Jewelry, Spirituality, Health Languages etc.

If you need assistance paying for our tuition-free classes, you can apply for Tuition Assistance.

The  application forms are  available at the Schott campus, Wake campus, and also online at

Apply now! Applications are accepted from February 7 – March 7, 4 pm

Important Dates for Spring 2018

Please note that tuition-free classes started one week later than originally scheduled and that the semester therefore ends on May 19.

For tuition-free classes, please check the online schedule for updated class dates at classes.sbcc.edu.

February 16 – 19
Holiday – Presidents Day Weekend

February 7 – March 7 
Tuition Assistance Applications for Summer Fee-based Classes

March 16 – 31 
Spring Break

April 2 
Mind & Supermind

April 20 
Registration opens for Summer Sessions

May 19 Spring 2018 
Semester Ends